Fulcrum Surf, founded in 2003, raises the standards for all surf schools across San Diego. Professionalism, customer service, and high-quality surf coaches are the foundation of Fulcrum Surf.

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


Fulcrum Surf has grown to offer a complete range of instruction from beginner to advanced coaching, summer surf camps, Independent Surf PE, media services, corporate events and international travel. Our unique offering is built on customer service, efficiency and maintaining the highest and most qualified coaches across San Diego.


For us, surfing has a deeper meaning than just a board & waves. It connects us to the ebb, flow & rhythm of nature in a very dynamic way. We thrive on this connection & the joy of teaching others what we love… not just surfing, but also the making of new friends, the fun, the laughter, the kids, the parents, the first-timer, the old-timers… all of it. We love what we do!


Keep it Simple
Make it Better
People Over Profits
Never Stop Learning
Quality Over Quantity
Ask More Questions
Find the Answer
Be Authentic



With more than 30 years of surfing experience, California native Dan Mori has continued to travel around the world in search of the best waves.  From Indonesia, Hawaii, Fiji, and Australia, to Nicaragua, Japan, Europe and Mexico, his passion for the surfing lifestyle is obvious, and constant pursuit of perfection, immeasurable.

Expanding one’s skill set while still having fun is Dan’s key to being a great surfer and hence, providing unbeatable instruction. All those years of amateur (NSSA) and professional (WQS) surfing experience early on have undoubtedly set the basis for such success in his later coaching career. In 2003, Dan founded Fulcrum Surf to share this passion for surfing with others.



Originally from New Jersey, Justin has been competing in the ESA and NSSA circuits for over 8 years. Prior to being a graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University with a B.S. in Physical Education, Justin was an active competitor on the university’s surf team.

For the past 5 years, he has been actively involved in Del Mar as the head coach for the Earl Warren Middle School surf team.  He joined Fulcrum Surf’s group of elite surf coaches with nine years of teaching experience, and equal parts passion and professionalism in sharing the surfing lifestyle with his students. He is now an equal partner of Fulcrum Surf as of 2013 and continues to teach and give our customers the greatest service possible.