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Del Mar Surf Breaks

Del Mar, one of the best beaches in San Diego for all kinds of activities but if you’re a surfer, you’re in luck!! Del Mar hosts every type of surfing possible. At Del Mar Powerhouse Park St, A.K.A 15th St, has it all in within 50 yards. To the left of the main path to the beach, you can surf a mellow reef break that has both lefts and rights. The lefts are more popular but the rights are still fun and even longer. The left hand break can connect into the beach break which can get fun and punchy on the inside. The beach break is fun for short-boarding and at times it can barrel with the right tide and with a  wind swell. It’s great when the tide changes and gets too low for the beach break, you’re to be able to paddle over to the reef and have fun.

You can also take a quick stroll and hop in the water on any of the following streets and the popular ones are 18th St, 23rd St, and 29th St. These breaks are dependent on tide and swell direction and you can find a great wave on a sand-bar that forms with the longshore currents. Finally a hidden gem is at the end of the beach at dog beach. At the right tide and swell, you can find an empty line-up and have an epic session. Most of the time, it looks closed out but it usually is more fun than it looks. Overall, Del Mar is a friendly surf destination and crowds are not as heavy as it seems. Many people are learning and have smiles across their faces surf the surf stoke!