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Fulcrum Surf’s new “ALL DAY SUMMER SURF CAMP”!

Summer has always been the season of development and growth. A time of the year when children are free to pursue activities and interests that help shape them to who they’ll become. For parents, it is a seasonal challenge to find ways to keep children occupied, happy, and most of all, in a safe environment while still being able to work and provide for the family.

At Fulcrum Surf, we’ve developed a new All Day Camp with working parents in mind.

Beginning at 8:30 a.m., campers can expect a fun surfing experience at 15th street Del Mar where they will learn about the ocean and play beach games with fellow campers. All under the supervised care of our energetic and engaged surf coaches.

Once the fun in the sun has been had, campers will hop into the Fulcrum Surf van where they’ll be taken to the Birch Aquarium, to local parks for frisbee golf, and Jump City. Because we value our customers input, we are always open to suggestions for other fun activities your child would enjoy.

The camp runs Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 3:30 with pickup and drop off both being at Del Mar’s 15th street Power House Park. We are confident it will be the highlight of your child’s summer.

Spots are limited, so book the All Day Camp today!