1-ON-1 with Madysen


Madysen began her coaching career as a snowboard instructor in Minnesota in the mid 2000’s. While continuing her college education in Central America, Madysen found surfing.

After returning and finishing her degree at Minnesota State University, she decided to dedicate her life to the sport as a profession. Madysen moved back to Central America to surf and become more knowledgeable about the ocean. She spent a great deal of time surfing and coaching in Panama, while living there as well.

After a period of intense focus on surfing, Madysen decided to take her to journey to San Diego, where a year later she was introduced to Fulcrum and the opportunity to resume coaching again. Stoked to be part of the Fulcrum team, Madysen enjoys coaching all age and ability levels. With a focus on safety and technique, her primary goal for her clients is to have fun! In her spare time, Madysen loves to travel, explore new breaks and surf tons of waves!

Bring: Towel, Hat, Sunscreen, Sandals.

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If there a conflict of scheduling Madysen will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an available time.

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