Salsipuedes 2/2 Chest Zip Womens Fullsuit



The Salsipuedes Womens Fullsuit features revolutionary 6-panel anatomically correct arms, water propulsion catch panel, and heat reflective technology for maximum warmth with none of the weight. You will not feel this wetsuit since it’s designed to be a second-skin, surf wetsuits will never be the same.

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Wetsuit Features
  • 6 anatomically-correct arm/shoulder panels allow for a natural range of motion for a faster, smoother paddle with less effort
  • Industry-leading technology tested and approved by elite swimmers will redefine the expectations in the surf wetsuit market
  • Lower-profile collar adds comfort and increased durability, ensuring that the suit stays intact and in place
  • X-MAX Seam Seal technology uses a liquid seam seal, triple layer of glue, and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams


Microfleece technology on the inside of the suit radiates heat back onto your body for the warmest, lightest surf yet.
X-MAX heat technology allows the Blacks Fullsuit to be worn in much lower water temperatures than a typical 2mm suit.

Supratex abrasion resistant knee shields offer stress-resistant strength. Liquid Seam seal seams (double blind-stitched, taped and triple layer of glue) allows for strength and water tight flexibility.

  • White X logo on the chest, left arm and below the Velcro
  • Forearm catch panels for effective “catch-pull” stroke
  • Fully adjustable Velcro neck closure
  • 2” zipper protector flap inside the suit
  • Sturdy zipper + 30” lanyard with 1” Velcro patch for versatile fastening
  • Fabric: Exterior: 100% Super X-FLEX neoprene/Interior: 80% Super
  • Hand wash
  • Wrap-around smooth skin panel for durability and grip while paddling
  • X logo branding on chest, left leg and back for signature brand style
  • 2/2 58-68 degree water temperature range
  • 4/3 50-57 degree water temperature range