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The Best Summer Surf Camp in Del Mar, San Diego!

Every year Fulcrum Surf gets feedback from our clients in ways to improve. We implement and put qualified personnel in place to make your experience seamless. Our check in staff are there to help ensure traffic runs smooth and efficient so it does not back up with cars at the loading zone. They also ensure your kids go to the right camp by being escorted down by the surf coaches. Your camp coaches will now go through a much more in depth training than ever before.  With the lowest  2 students to 1 instructor ratio in the industry, we can offer more attention and coaching to your kids. Everyone knows that when you have the third kid, the family dynamic changes dramatically. It’s quite simple, when or if you have your third child, its a game changer! Since you only have 2 hands, your third child has to become independent. Now add the elements and unknown of the ocean to the mix and you will think twice before you put your child in a 3 or 4 to1 ratio. At Fulcrum Surf, we’ve got you covered! With the 2 to 1 ratio our coaches will focus on more instruction, fun, and safe. Most clients like the fact that our summer instructors actually coach and keep them progressing instead of babysitting. Another key point is that our wetsuits are top of the line Xterra wetsuits as well as our quality foam boards, INT boards, which will not break during the lessons.


Your kids will will receive KindBars for snacks every day and are encouraged to drink our ice cold waters in the coolers to keep them hydrated. The coaches are instructed to reapply sunblock during break time and the kids get to play some games in the sand. Finally the kids all go home with Fulcrum Surf gear on Pizza Fridays! They will receive a Fulcrum Surf Tee, Hat, Sunglasses and some stickers!